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We understand that entrusting your patients to another doctor is a serious responsibility. At SVRC and The Pet Emergency Room, we are committed to working cooperatively with you to ensure top quality care for your referral patients. You can count on us to be your partners in health care and to provide only the best and most compassionate level of care. We have a full range of services and specialists to meet the needs that even your most challenging cases present. We follow strict referral practices and do not perform any routine preventive medical procedures like dentals, vaccines, parasite prevention, etc. Feel free to contact us for a tour of our facility or to meet some of our staff.

Patient Referrals

To facilitate the referral process, we encourage you to provide us with the case summary in one of two ways:

1. Complete the online referral form and send it to us by fax or email before the appointment date (preferred), or send it along with the medical records with the client to bring to the appointment.
Email: info@svrcflorida.com
Fax:  (305) 661-2434

SVRC - Patient referral form

2. Call us directly and discuss the case with the specialist you are referring the case or with one of our Emergency doctors.

Please be sure to send us all pertinent medical records, including doctors’ notes, laboratory tests, and radiographs. These also may be emailed, faxed, or sent with the client. If you are having any difficulty sending us any of this essential information, please call us and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

DVM Access - Veterinarian Referral Please note that our hospital’s Emergency/Critical Care Department is available for your patient’s urgent health care needs 24 hours a day /7 days a week /365 days a year. The emergency team, staffed by a team of emergency veterinary staff and technicians, is always prepared to help your clients and their pets whenever a medical emergency should occur.

Referral Survey

Knowing your needs and preferences for referrals helps our clinicians work alongside you in a collaborative manner to provide the best and most comprehensive care to your patients. If, for example, you prefer any of your patients admitted overnight to be transferred to your practice the next morning, or you prefer to be called if one of your patients is in need of emergency surgery, or you would rather have referral letters and updates sent by email instead of faxed, please let us know. We will always do our best to accommodate your preferences and special requests.  We use an annual referral survey to update your needs. However, feel free to contact our Practice Manager anytime for feedback, or adjustments to your referral protocols.

Patient Referral Form

Pet Type:


Pet Gender:




Medical Record:

Sent with clientFaxedemailed to info@svrcflorida.com


N/ASent with clientemailed to info@svrcflorida.com

Lab Results/Bloodwork :

N/ASent with clientFaxedemailed to info@svrcflorida.com

We will contact you the same day of the patient appointment (or within 24 hours of admitted after regular hours). Fell free to contact us at any time.
If you prefer phone or email updates, please provide the preferred method of contact:


Patient to be returned to referring veterinarian in the morning :


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